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  Rest assured that we will always respect your privacy...in performance and in real life. 

  If you want to sing along with us or if you want to be left alone, please just let us know.  We're OK either way...and you can even change your mind if you want to. 

  Sometimes we're referred to as a "conversation band" which means that if you might actually want to come out and talk to and visit with the company you bring to one of our shows...and we want you to know that we're OK with that!  We're still here for you whenever you want but in the mean time, we ask that you just say "Hi" for us.

  If you want to be on our mailing list, please just tell us or e-mail us.  Each and every e-mail from TheOmnibusBand.com goes out blind carbon copy (abbreviated Bcc:) so we never give out your email address to anyone at anytime...and we won't ever sell your e-mail address either...and we won't spam the heck out of you.  We will only e-mail you as irregularly as we perform.  If you would prefer to not be on our e-mail list, you can tell us that too and we will respect your wishes...and you can even change your mind if you want to.

For an eclectic blend of music and entertainment, give us a call at
860.573.4408 or you can email Kelley for more information.

Omnibus is a Latin word meaning "for all, for everyone". In transportation, an omnibus is a vehicle for moving passengers. In government, an omnibus bill is one with many parts or additions. In publishing, an omnibus is an anthology of previously released material linked together. Omnibus is a compilation of things. For the other over 3,600 search results for omnibus, visit Wikipedia.com!